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The Strange Reason for Ranbir-Katrina Rumours

The Strange Reason for Ranbir-Katrina Rumours

From what has been happening in the Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif front-we saw a lot of rumours regarding their planned marriage and then came a denial from both. Now, if this is to be believed, the stories on their soon to be announced wedding were only to create hype on Ranbir’s upcoming release Bombay Velvet.

Apparently, since there was no way the film’s leading lady Anushka Sharma could be lined to Ranbir, the publicity team thought of this clever stunt to create a hype of the film. However, this too failed as Bombay Velvet isn’t getting any good reviews either. All of this has led to Katrina fuming-as she felt that it was quite unnecessary to drag their personal life into a promotional campaign for a film.

There could have been a chance that such rumours could have generated some interest in the film-but seems they were quite overdone in haste.

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