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The Avengers crosses $ 1 billion mark

The Avengers crosses $ 1 billion mark

The Avengers international receipts grossed $628.9 million and a worldwide inflow of just over $1 billion, only 19 days after it hit the screens.
The superheroes flick took in $103.2 million in the domestic market to lead for a second-straight weekend, raising its domestic total to $373.2 million.

The Avengers was the first movie ever to pull in more than $100 million domestically in its second weekend, passing the previous best of $75.6 million for Avatar. The film also topped $300 million domestically after just 9 days after release, beating the previous record set by The Dark Knight, which hit that mark in 10 days.

Already the year’s biggest hit worldwide, The Avengers is on the verge of passing The Hunger Games at $386.9 million to become the top-grossing film domestically for 2012.

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