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‘Thank U, India’ star Morissette is pregnant

'Thank U, India' star Morissette is pregnant

Toronto, Aug 12 (IANS) Canadian singer-cum-song writer Alanis Morissette, whose ‘Thank U, India’ in 1998 hit top ratings and was nominated for a Grammy, says she is pregnant.

The 36-year-old singer married 30-year-old American rapper M.C. Souleye May 22.

Announcing her pregnancy in Us Weekly’s “25 Things You Don’t About Me,” the seven-time Grammy winner lists: “I am pregnant” at number 25.

The Ottawa-born singer was previously engaged to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds of Full House fame, but they split in 2007.

Morissette and Souleye, who are both spiritually inclined, had been dating since October last year before tying the knot. It will be the first child for Morissette and Souleye who comes from Massachusetts.

Morissette, who released two albums ‘Alanis’ and ‘Now is the Time’ even before she graduated from high school in 1993 and later tried her luck in Toronto, made it big when she moved to Los Angeles and released her internationally hit album ‘Jagged Little Pill.’

The album has sold 33 million copies worldwide.

In India, she was made famous by her single ‘Thank U, India’ in which she appeared naked in its video. She had said at the time that she was inspired to write this song – included in her fourth album ‘Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie’ – after her visit to India in 1997.

A former drug junkie herself, she admitted that she smoke pot in teen years.

Morissette, who has sold more than 40 million albums globally so far,holds dual citizenship of the US and Canada and lives in Los Angeles.

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