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Thakita Thakita Movie Review

Thakita Thakita Movie Review

The Film

Thakita Thakita is about school and college relationships and the struggles of growing up and living like adults.

The Synopsis

Thakita Thakita Movie Review

Sridhar, Chandana, Nandini, Mahesh, Bhakti, Jessica, Kishore and Scud are schoomatesl and even collegemates. They have their attractions, friendship, romance, peer-pressure and even competition.

Sridhar and Chandana, Mahesh and Bhakti, Kishore and Nandini have special affectionate relationship between themselves. Once they come out of the college, each has his/her own goal in life. The story unfolds as each one experiences the pangs of growing up and their earlier relationships are hit by bumps.

The rest of the story deals with how these relationships unfold or culminate.

The Performances

Thakita Thakita Movie Review

Harshavardhan, Trinetrudu, Haripriya, Aditi, Eva, Bhakti and Haneefa acquit themselves well. Bhumika is her usual self. Siva Prasad and MS Narayana perform as usual.

The Techniques

The theme is good and the presentation is quite fine. But the fine tuning of growing up goes haywire because of too many characters. The naunces of the conflict between past relationships and future hopes have not been dealt with adequately. Too many issues cloud the exposition of the theme . Music is pleasing. Cinematography is good. Audiography adds to the feel.

The Verdict

Thakita Thakita is a case of chewing more than one can swallow. But the film

Thakita Thakita Movie Review

can be seen for its variety in presentation and some good music.

The Cast and Crew

Harshavardhan, Trinetrudu, Haripriya, Aditi, Eva, Bhakti, Haneefa, M S Narayana, Bhumika, Samrat, Siva Prasad, Waheeda and others. Guest appearance: Nagarjuna and Anushka

Music: Bobo Shashi

Cinematography: K K Senthil

Producers: Bharat Thakur, Bhumika

Banner: Downtown Films

Director: Srihari Nanu

The Rating

2.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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