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Terrific Response to Naayak’s New Teaser

Terrific Response to Naayak's New Teaser

Ram Charan, Amala Paul, Kajal Agarwal‘s mass entertainer ‘Naayak‘ is progressing at brisk pace under Vinayak’s direction. Film makers yesterday released the new HD teaser of the film along with the promo tracks tuned by Thaman.

The new teaser got terrific response with in moments of its release. The half a minute teaser stars off with a message ‘History creates Leaders’ and then Cherry makes grand entry diving down and then as he makes his appearance, his character is described with caption ‘A real leader rewrites history’ and Cherry sporting sun glasses,kicks goons in the backdrop of car and background ‘Nayak’ reverberating in one’s ears. It ends with the caption ‘born to lead’ and title tag ‘The Leader’.Thaman’s BGM creates the desired impact.

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