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Telugu writer changed Kan Kennedy as Vikram

Telugu writer changed Kan Kennedy as Vikram

Vikram’s original name was Kan Kennedy. Noted playwright, film scriptwriter, numerologist and astrologer Bhamidipati Radhakrishna changed Kan Kennedy name as Vikram.

Vikram’s wife Shaila is a teacher in psychology. The couple have two children daughter,12 and son,8. Vikram says Telugu is a little difficult for him. The award winning actor lost 16 kgs for his character in Sethu in the second half.

Raavan reportedly has a tragic climax with the death of its lead characters. It is a matter of hours to know the whole truth.

Raavan will release in approximately 2200 screens worldwide on June 18, making it the first Indian film to release simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions.

The title Raavan adds up to number 16 – number 7 is an unlucky number predicts astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi.

The box-office outcome of the film does not look that good, adds the astrologer.

Raaj TV bought TV rights of Raavanan for Rs 45 million. After stupendous success of 3 idiots, Reliance Big Pictures released disastrous Kites.

Mani Ratnam has put the skills of Vikram to the ultimate test in Raavan/ Raavanan /Villain.

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