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Telugu Actress Attempted to Rape!

Telugu Actress Attempted to Rape!

A Telugu film actress has filed a complaint that a rape attempt was made with her in Kolkata. If we go by the reports then the say that an unidentified person sexually molested a Tollywood actress near her home in Kolkata. Sources say that the actress was forcefully grabbed by an unidentified man when she was going back to home after finishing her shooting schedule on Sunday at around 1:40 am.
She was grabbed by an unidentified person while she almost reached her apartment. The actress has filed a complaint against that person. In her complaint she said that she was attempted to rape, she fell down on floor but somehow managed to escape from the man’s grip and save herself.
She added that the person ran away after snatching her mobile phone while she was attempting to call someone for help. Police is doing the necessary and finding out the culprit by looking at the CCTV footage of the actress’ apartment.

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