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“Tees Maar Khan” inspired by Robin Hood?

"Tees Maar Khan" inspired by Robin Hood?

“Tees Maar Khan” inspired by Robin Hood?
The first look of Farah Khan’s “Tees Maar Khan” gives the impression that the film has a very Robin Hood kind of feel to it. Director Farah Khan appears to take the classic fable and revamp the subject once again with a contemporary flavour.
Robin Hood was a favourite not only with adults, but children too. Farah is sure that the children are going to lap up this film. Of course Akshay Kumar has done some incredible stunts in this film and the film is expected to be a hit with the masses as well as the multiplex film buffs. Farah Khan says that “Tees Maar Khan” is an adventurous saga and may remind the audience of Robin Hood. It is an entertainer.

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