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Tanikella Bharani being honored with Gurajaada Visista Puraskaaram

Tanikella Bharani being honored with Gurajaada Visista Puraskaaram

Renowned Actor, Writer, Poet and Film maker Tanikella Bharani is being honored with Mahakavi Gurajaada Vishishta Puraskaaram on Nov 30th 2011 in Vijayanagaram. He is being honored with this award for his contribution to Telugu literature. Gurajaada Samskritika Samaakhya has announced this honor to Mr. Bharani. They had been celebrating Nov 30th every year for the last 9 years with this award and the same was given earlier to renowned artists like JV Somayajulu, Gummadi, K. Vishwanath, Gollapudi, C. Narayana Reddy, Mallemaala, Shahukar Janaki, Anjali Devi, Raavi Kondala Rao and director vamsi.

Tanikella Bharani started his journey in Telugu Film Industry as a writer and then became actor to act in variety of roles winning many awards. He has also written many books like Aata kadharaa sivaa, Parikinee, Nakshatra Darshanam and also sung few devotional albums besides writing songs. A multifaceted artist himself, we are sure Tanikella Bharani deserves his place besides the other celebrities who won this award.

This award is being given on Nov 30th at 6PM in Anandagajapathi Auditorium., Vijayanagaram.

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Brahma Mahesh (TheOnlyBrahma on twitter)

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