Tamils Protesting Against Salman Khan

Tamils Protesting Against Salman Khan

Hundreds of Tamils protested against Salman Khan outside his residence in Mumbai. The reports say that the protestors are willing to continue the protest till Sallu apologizes for supporting the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The 49-year-old Hindi film superstar is opposed by political parties like MDMK. DMK said that it is not good of Salman to support the Sri Lankan President as the Indian fishermen were attacked by the Sri Lankan navy.

All these popped up when Salman and Sri Lankan born actress Jacqueline Fernandez along with five other Bollywood performers were signed for the campaign for Rajapaksa to promote him the coming Presidential elections which will be held next month in Sri Lanka.

Rajapaksa is opposed by the political parties from Tamil Nadu because he was responsible for the civilian casualties in the Tamil-dominated areas in Sri Lanka’s northeast which were at the peak during the war between Sri Lankan army and LTTE in 2009.

After all the protests, there is increased security outside Salman’s house.

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