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Tamil hero bites heroine’s cheek

Tamil hero bites heroine’s cheek

Tamil hero bites heroine’s cheek

In a bizarre incident a Tamil hero grievously injured his heroine when he bit the cheek of the heroine while shooting a romantic song.

Vighnesh and Lakshmana are acting as hero and heroine in the Tamil film “Eesha” being produced by JK Creations and directed by Bala Ganesh.

The unit was shooting at the Kutralam water falls in the district of Tirunalveli. As a romantic song was being picturised, the hero is required to lovingly put up a charade of softly biting the cheek of the heroine.

After a few takes the director was not satisfied and shouted at the hero to do the shot properly. In the next take, Vighnesh took a real bite at the cheek of Lakshmana. The unit was aghast when the heroine started screaming. The bite was so vehement, the cheek of Lakshmana had injury marks of sunken teeth.

Vghneash has been severely reprimanded for his aggressive behavior.

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