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Tamannah Hates Watching Crying Scenes On Screen

Tamannah Hates Watching Crying Scenes On Screen

Among the star heroines’ list in down south, we can hear one name prominently, i.e., Tamannah. Her name has become further popular after her presence in Bahubali as Avantika. Moreover, she had earned further craze after playing heroine in ‘Oopiri’ as it had become a blockbuster. Later, she revealed her passion towards movie, she says, ‘I don’t mind playing any kind of role as an artiste. However, when it comes to watching on the screen, I hate crying scenes on the screen. I don’t like to do such roles as I hate watching them. In my opinion, film is a synonym to happiness. After watching the film we should feel happy. Of course, I also like films which make us to rethink and sharpen our brains, i.e., brainstorming or films based on mind games. However, for sure I don’t like to do the characters which cry on the screen and make audience feel bored.’ Presently she is playing heroine in tamil titled ‘Dharmadurai’ and played opposite Vishaal in another Tamil movie. However, in Telugu she signed the dotted line for a film titled ‘Abhinetri’ and also playing in Bahubali, The Conclusion.

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