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Sye Aata Movie Review

Sye Aata Movie Review

The Film

Sye Aata is a desparate attempt to create a lady oriented subject where the heroine uses her brains to outwit the villains

The Synopsis

Two underworld dons in Hyderabad, Shankar (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and Pandit (Sivaprasad,) are rivals and they suspect that their respective gangsters are being killed by the other gang. Malleswari (Charmee), a dance trainer arrives in Hyderabad with a troup of children to participate in a TV show. Circumstances lead her to fight Shankar, who kidnaps the kids and to release them Malleswari has to kill the son of Pandit. How she overcomes this gangwar rivalry and gets the kids out of trouble forms the rest of the Story.

Sye Aata Movie Review

The Performances

Charmee performes well as the story has been written with a woman oriented theme. Kota is his usual self. Sivaprasad is OK. The comedy troupe of MS and Ali do their job. All others just go through their motions.

The Techniques

The concept of a hapless girl getting entangled in an underworld mess is good but the story has been developed on a rickety platform that takes away the interest in the film. Certain incidents are coneived well and the film is good in parts and on the whole, aided by a weak screenplay, fails to impress. The dialogues are loud. Music is good. Cinematography is appealing.

Sye Aata Movie Review

The Verdict

Sye Aata diappoints and even Charmee fans may not find her the reason to go and watch an average film.

The Cast and Crew

Charmee, , Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Ajay, Siva Prasad, Prabhakar, Ali, Omkar, M S, master Bharath, Amit, Duvvasi Mohan, Chalapathi Rao and others

Music: Devisri Prasad

Camera: J Prabhakar Reddy

Producer: Nalluri Rajasekhar

Banner: Frames Entertainments

Director: K R K Pavan

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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