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Sweta’s Statement Creates Sensation

Sweta’s Statement Creates Sensation

Swetha Basu Prasad pleaded for mercy in front of the court. Few weeks ago she admitted her shameful act and said that the lack of opportunities and financial conditions forced her to get involved in brutal flesh trade.
Sweta Basu in her recorded statement said to the court that, “I’m a student and am pursuing my graduation.” She also claimed that she was ‘falsely implicated’ in the flesh trade case by the police. She also said that the hotel room in which she was caught in a shameful position was booked by the organizers of Santosham Awards. She was in the room as it was allotted to her so that she could attend the award function.
Sweta’s statements created great buzz in Tollywood. But the police who caught Sweta are of different view. They say that the place of hotel room was informed by ‘pimp’ Balu and he took the ‘money’ at Sweta’s behest. Police will now look more deeply into the matter to collect more information about the case. Sweta has been asked by the cour to stay in rehabilitation centre for 6 months.

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