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Swamy Ra Ra Movie Review

Swamy Ra Ra Movie Review

Nkhil,Swathi who are craving for success came with Swamy Ra Ra today.Let us see the result of Swami Ra Ra.


A hifi pickpocketer Surya (Nikhil) falls for cutle looking journalist Swathi(Swathi) after getting caught stealing her two wheeler. Suddenly he finds in possession of valuable Vinayaka idol stolen from world famous Ananata Padmanabhaswamy temple,Kerala. There are many people trying to possess the idol and one such criminal is Durga Prasad (Ravi Babu). What Lord Ganesha has in store for all of them should be seen on silver screen.


Nikhil looked stylish and played his role to perfection. His changed looks bought freshness to the film. He got the best role after Happy Days. Swathi too looked good and gave spontaneous performance. Pooja of Pizza fame did a good job while Ravi Babu gave his best. Nara Rohit’s commentary is the highlight in the film.


Director Sudheer Verma came with a film that reminds one of many hits films but at the same time added such ingredients that many feel the fresh factor in it. One gets the feeling that he is inspired by Ram Gopal Varma’s films Govinda Govinda and Anaganaga O Roju. However he narrated the story in a perfect manner with making good impact. He forgot the nitty gritties here and there which slowed the pace of the film and boring people with predictable climax. Otherwise he presented people a good timepass entertainer.Director’s screenplay and dialogues are good and are major assets.


Music of Sunny along with Background score is good and helped the film in a positive manner. Richard Prasad cinematography is wonderful. Kartik Srinivas editing is good.

Viewers Speak

Swamy Ra Ra is a good entertanier and worth watching.

Starring: Nikhil,Swati
Director: Sudhir Varma
Producer: Chakravarthy
Banner: Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments
Music Director : Sun N.Y

The Rating

3 out of 5

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