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Swami’s Sex Scandal

Swami's Sex Scandal

Swami Nithyanand was caught with a Tamil actress in compromising position.
Sun TV is showing the video clippings of this act by one of Indias prominant Swamis. The Saint’s pervert activities have been caught up in the camera. Some Telugu Telivision channels have also started showing these clippings.

With the news spreading like wild fire, security beefed up to cover Swami Nithyananda’s ashrama at Adi Annamalai area, near Tiruvannamalai town. This video came as a shock to the devotees of Nityanand.

In the video Nithyananda was having sex with a top Tamil actress who’s name starts with “R”. The actress face was masked in the video. These Swami’s are playing with the beliefs of common people who are blindly believing in them.

Telugu Telivision channels have already been telecasting the videos of Sri Kalki Bhagawan’s henious acts. It has created furore here in AP and state human rights commission has ordered inquiry into the whole indident. Now Nityanand’s case. Who’s next?

Swami’s Sex Scandal Videos

Swami’s Sex Scandal Videos

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