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SVSC has crossed $1 million mark in just 3 days

SVSC Crossed one million mark

Prince Maheshbabu and Victory Venkatesh starrer SVSC has crossed $1 million($1,039,984) mark through out USA in just 3 days. Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu is near to cross earlier Maheshbabu flick Dookudu, run record of $1.5 million and there are unreported screens in areas like Los Angeles (Naz8) and East Windsor. If collections of unreported screens are being added, it may reach $1.2 million.

Overwhelming response from NRI crowds for this decent family entertainer, where the artists acted within the limits of their characters. Characters of Chinnodu and Peddodu are being related to childhood memories and are very close to reality.
In areas like Virginia SVSC has crossed $100K mark. In all major centers of USA including Bay Area, Texas, New Jersey and Virginia, SVSC is pulling huge NRI crowds.
Most of the USA Movie theaters are filled with NRI Crowds. People in USA are in a surprise mood by looking at crowds.
An example of this is below tweet, Connur Turley says ‘Worldgate literally Indians right now #SVSC”.

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List of centers with major collections (Not listing all centers)

Texas $128,084
Bay Area (California) and Sacramento(CA) $127,666
New Jersey $101,635
Virginia & Maryland $96,719
Los Angeles & San Diego $84,213
New York $49,707
Florida $46,630
Boston(MA), Connecticut and RI $45,408

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