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Surya upset with Rakta Charitra 2 posters

Surya upset with Rakta Charitra 2 posters

Surya who has a major role in Rakta Charitra 2 is said to be upset with Ram Gopal Varma for the way the actor is being projected in the posters comparing him to Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan. The actor reportedly felt that the present design of posters might actually harm his debut in Hindi.

To publicity the film, RGV put up hoardings that have Surya’s picture, the name of the film- Rakht Charitra 2 and a line that reads, ‘After Robot The Rajini, its Suriya The Ghajini’.

Responding to the protests of Surya, the posters of Rakta Charitra have been removed and RGV is said to have asked for a redesign of Rakta Charitra 2 posters which is due to release on december 3.

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