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Surya Unable to Carry Rajni

Surya Unable to Carry Rajni

The audience of Surya’s latest ‘Sikinder’ has been found comparing it with Rajnikanth’s ‘Sikander’ and ‘Badshah’ but the output seems not in favour of Surya. There has become a general opinion that Surya is unable to carry the -than-life role of a don, ala Rajnikanth in his 90’s blockbuster, convincingly.

Director Linguswamy has also been criticized for the predictable scenes and the movie lacks punches in the later half. So, it falls short of Rajni’s characteristic in contrast.

Surya’s effort to breathe some life into his grey role has just fell short to stick audience with the seats. Samantha’s glamorous look has been a revelation the movie is sailing through the box office for the sole purpose.

Despite commendable talent, and even after proving himself in strong roles in films like “Ghajini” and “Singham”, but to ape Rajni, looks to be a gamble of sorts.

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