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Surya s/o Krishnan movie review, a grateful son’s filial love to father

Surya s/o Krishnan movie review

Surya s/o Krishnan movie review

The Cast and Crew

Suriya, Simran, Sameera Reddy, Divya

Camera : Rathnavelu
Editing: Antony
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Production: Aascar Ravichandran
Direction: Gautham Menon

Surya s/o Krishnan movie review

Surya s/o Krishnan movie review

The Film

This is a typical Gowtham Menon’s film interfacing the lives of a father and son. It is emotional, sentimental and advocates how strong parents can mould their children with love and affection.
The film opens with death of father and traverses as the son remembers the life and times of his father.

The Synopsis

Krishnan (father Surya) is a middle class man and ventures out to USA in order to fetch his true love Malini (Simran). They marry and are proud parents of one son (Surya) and his sister. They are groomed on the premise that nothing is impossible with dedication and a pure.
Junior Surya falls in love with Meghna (Sameera Reddy) but she decides to pursue her professional career.

Surya s/o Krishnan movie review

Surya s/o Krishnan movie review

Though Surya is after her, she dies tragically. After overcoming his grief, he joins the Indian Army. He marries Priya (Divya Spandana). He receives the news of his father’s sad demise while he is engaged in a battle with terrorists. He starts remembering his moments with his father.
The film concludes with a surprising but justifiable climax.

The Performance

Surya, as father and son, excels as an actor showing myriad emotions.He carries the entire film on his capable shoulders. Sameera Reddy is apt for her bubbling role. Simran is all poise and grace. Divya is competent. All other actors are adequate in their roles.

The Techniques

The story is inspiring but the presentation in montages is sometimes unnerving and some other times

Surya s/o Krishnan movie review

Surya s/o Krishnan movie review

irritating.. The screenplay is sedate and sometimes a bit crispy with incidents of junior Surya. The screenplay mixes the elements of Multiplex, commercial and only shown at film festivals genres. The cinematography is good and so is the music. One may feel that some songs have intruded into the narration flow. The production values are good.

The Verdict

Surya s/o Krishnan is a 3 hours long film without the usual format of presentation and merges different genres to narrate an emotional story. This film is strictly for the ardent fans of Surya and Gowtham Menon.
Those who liked Surya in Gajini will be disappointed if they go with similar expectations.

The Rating

2.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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