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“Surya – Directors Dream”

“Surya – Directors Dream”

It would be any Directors dream to have an Actor with a combination of intensity in facial expressions and a mind-blowing body to go with it. Most of the time there will be actors with good bodies but they can’t act and then there will be very good intense actors who cannot dare to take their shirt off. Only in Surya I found this never before seen combination of an extraordinary body coupled with an extraordinary intensity in his facial expressions. These pictures of Surya are from an action sequence in ‘RAKTA CHARITRA’

“initially we planned to shoot the fight at a certain time nd the day before the shoot surya asked me if he can shoot after another month nd i said ‘ r u mad? hw can ur body more better than this now? To which he said “Just Trust me” Non belivingly i postponed just becaos he requested me nd when came back after a month i was zaped to see the improvement for all my reputations of shooting a womans body beatufiful this is the first time i enjoyed shooting a mans body nd the credit goes to his determination nd spirit nd his constant strive to better himself.


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