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Suresh Babu says dubbed films can’t be banned

Suresh Babu says dubbed films can’t be banned

Producer D Suresh Babu, addressing a press conference, said that the Producers Council is not seeking a ban on dubbed films as was reported in the media. He said that in a free country like India, no one can ban any language film from being exhibited anywhere.

However, the chief of Suresh Productions stated that some steps are being recommended to protect the interests of Telugu Cinema and also that of makers of low budget movies who are not getting enough screens.

Suresh said that some proposals have been sent to the government that include allowing a 5th show in theaters so that small films can be screened along with big releases simultaneously and to allow flexible admission rates from a lower limit of Rs/- 35 to upper limit of Rs 100/- which will give more freedom to the producer and exhibitor as well as the viewer.

Tollywood wants that the dubbed films should have the same Entertainment Tax on reciprocating basis.

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