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Super Star Krishna May Play Nageswara Rao Role In ‘manam-2’

Super Star Krishna May Play Nageswara rao Role In ‘Manam-2’

Akkineni magical show ‘Manam’ is not just hit in Indian box office but also a big hit at Overseas and ‘Manam’ mesmerized many audience and they took audience to a whole new world. Nagarjuna is busy in making his won tv show. As per latest info Akkineni Nagarjuna is eyeing for Manam second part and he is working on script. When he is out of work his main aim is to find a perfect script. Same cast will be continued to continue the feel in movie said a source. But there is also dilemma on Nageswara rao role, a big star will replace him and they are trying to rope in Super star Krishna into this role. When will it get a final confirmation and when will this project get on to track is not yet known.

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