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Super Cowboy Movie Review

Super Cowboy Movie Review


A stale tale, the story is set on the backdrop of the cowboy era and here is Simhachalam (Lawrence), the watchman of a precious diamond who is facing charges of stealing it. He is about to get hanged when few cowboys help him. They promise to give him that diamond but in return they tell him to act as Simha (Lawrence) who looks exactly like him. However, Simha is a quick gun shooter and is an expert in everything. He is also the hero of the Jaisankar Nagar town as he protects them from the evil Nalla Thrachu (nasser) and Chirutha (sai kumar). Whether Simhachalam will be able to do the same as Simha or not forms the rest of the story.

Super Cowboy Movie Review


The director has come up with a flimsy storyline and though the presentation was effective, the narrative was not so. The dialogues were good, the script was hollow, the screenplay was average. Background score and songs were failure. Cinematography was excellent, art department was impressive, costumes were apt, locations were beautiful. Editing was alright. Raghava does his bit to gain attention but then he honestly doesn’t have that material as a hero, Padmapriya looks exceedingly beautiful and she did her bit, Lakshmi Rai was seductive, Sandhya was there for a song, Sai Kumar was good, Nasser was natural, Manorama, Delhi Ganesh, Ilavarasu, Vaiyapuri, Ramesh Khanna, M S Bhaskar, Senthil and others contributed efficiently.

Super Cowboy Movie Review


The film is basically a dubbed version of the Tamil film ‘Irambu Kottai Murattu Singham’ and though it is a cowboy tale, it doesn’t have the require punch to engage the audience. While the first half was very stale with not much happening, it is only the second half when the momentum picks up. Overall, the film is good in bits and pieces with flashes of brilliant comedy and some really creative settings and sequences.

Technically, the film is well made but content wise it is very weak and fails to entertain. This could appeal to the masses to an extent but otherwise, it is hard to extract the investment.

Super Cowboy Movie Review

Verdict : Not upto the mark

Cast: Lawrence, Padmapriya, Lakshmi Rai, Sandhya, Sai Kumar, Nasser, Manorama, Delhi Ganesh, Ilavarasu, Vaiyapuri, Ramesh Khanna, M S Bhaskar, Senthil and others

Music: G V Prakash Kumar

Banner: SGS Entertainments

Cinematography: Azhagappan

Direction: Simbu Devan

Producers: Kalpathi Agoram, Kalpathi Ganesh

Release date: May 07, 2010

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

Review Source by : http://www.bharatstudent.com

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