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Sunny to star in Marathi Adult Film

Sunny to star in Marathi Adult Film

Indo Canadian porn star Sunny Leone is all set to star in a Marathi adult film. The film titled Vulgar Activities Incorp will be directed by Sujay Dahake of Shala fame who won national award. The film will explore the world of sex, porn and vulgarity. Director said the film’s script is ready and shooting will be starting from June. He said the film will taret 18-22 age group and it revolves around a young boy from an orthodox family who falls in love with a porn star, who he has seen in porn movies. He and his friends use all means to invite the porn star as a guest for a festive event. Director said “When Sunny was invited to Pune last year for the Dahi Handi celebrations, a lot of people had raised objections. But after witnessing the crowd frenzy, I realized the double standards of people. And that’s exactly how the idea of making this film struck me. I will be approaching Sunny for the film soon and am hoping that she agrees,”

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