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Sunil’s Bold Efforts

Sunil’s Bold Efforts

Director Sunil Kumar Reddy who earlier made ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ and now is attempting to make another flick ‘Oka Criminal Premakatha’. He has won national award for movie like Gangaputrulu and that made him acknowledged as artistic director with a realistic touch in his stories.
He was criticized for his work for ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ because the move was much on the ‘boothu’ side. Now he is dealing with domestic sexual harassment and molestation in ‘Oka Criminal Prema Katha’. He has taken in account a contemporary point and daily news type story but he has portrayed it too badly which sometimes looked vulgar. Audiences are feeling uncomfortable over the scenes of elderly persons sexually harassing young kids.
We must praise the director for choosing such a bold subject but he should portray it on a little low level with more of emotions and less of the ‘A’ content. There are still some who will like the flick.

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