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Summer 2007 releases on June 13

The film Summer 2007 seeks to explore with deep humanism, the fascinating coming together of India’s youth with the Agrarian Crisis that is threatening to spiral out of control. The film is produced by Adlabs and Atul Productions.
The film explores the possibility of micro credit as a possible non-violent solution to the problems of the farmers. Bangladeshi Noble prize winner, Mohammad Yunus of Grameen Bank has displayed the success of micro credit scheme. He lent $27 to forty-two people in 1976 and today more than 60 countries practice the system. Micro credit and social credit as possible solution to the farmers’ problems has been incorporated in the film’s thematic and geographical landscape.
The character of Sachin Khedekar is based on Mohammad Yunus while Sikander Kher, Gul, Yuvika, Arjan and Alekh play the 5 medical students who get embroiled in the issues faced by the village, where they go for a rural media training camp.
Each of the five friends reacts differently to the situations around them. Some come to terms with reality, some undergo a change of heart, and some become even bitter…some fall in love. Thus, these few days of rural medical training become cataclysmic in nature as each of them go through a trial by fire and come out scorched and seasoned.
The film Summer 2007 is slated for release on June 13, 2008.

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