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Sumanth promises a potboiler

Sumanth promises a potboiler

Sumanth’s Raaj is releasing this Friday. Though it is cricket season in India, the makers are taking a calculated chance. After the tournament there will be stiff competition as several blockbuster movies lined up for release. It may be wise move to release now.

Sumanth writes: `Raaj’ which is also my name in the film, is a typical Telugu potboiler. I would tell all my fans who loved me in `Golconda High School‘ to reset all expectations after that movie.

I am not making any tall claims that `Raaj’ is a very different kind of film. It is the story of a guy sandwiched between two girls, played by Priyamani and Vimala Raman. It is a romantic drama with a bit of comedy.

VN Aditya is director of Raaj. It is produced by Kumar Brothers. Koti is music director.

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