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Sukanya Caught In Brothel Case

Sukanya Caught In Brothel Case

It is not new for the people that the artistes in the glamour industry are often caught in brothel cases. Some time ago we heard that artistes like Yamuna, Sita, Bhuvaneswari, young girls like Swetha Basu Prasad and Jyothi were caught by police and they were booked for prostitution. The latest addition to these names is senior actress Sukanya. It may be recalled here that Sukanya had started her second innings recently and she played the role of Maheshbabu’s mother in Srimanthudu. Police claimed that the actresses who are habituated to a lavish life resort to the prostitution as their current earnings are not adequate. In order to satisfy their costly lifestyle they resort to flesh trade. We hear rumours about the film industry like the debutant heroines who aspire for heroines as well as those settled in the film industry are being lured for money, which force them into flesh trade. In most occasions, they do not get caught. According Film Nagar sources, a mere five per cent such cases will see light as many go on silently in the background.

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