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Sudden Spurt In Small Budget Films In Tollywood

Sudden Spurt In Small Budget Films In Tollywood

After the success of small budget films like Ala Modalaindi, Ee Rojullo and Oka Romantic Crime Katha, there is a sudden enthusiasm among small budget filmmakers to jump on the bandwagon of making films. In July and August there was a three fold increase in registration of film titles with AP Film Chamber of Commerce.

However, right now, there are around 15 small budget films, ready in every respect, and not released because either the distributors are reluctant or unavailability of theatres or both. But the new wave filmmakers are not disheartened. They are ready with scripts and digital cameras. And there are any number of newbies ready to face the camera even for free.

But, after the film industry got corporatised, it is now only the big budget films with top stars that make big bucks at the box office. If Bollywood has the 100-crore-club, Tollywood has 50-crore-club. Even the marketing strategy changed. No more 100 days run; just mop up the maximum in the first week itself.

In this scenario, small budget filmmakers are able to satisfy their inner creative urge by making a film, but losing lot of money by not able to release them in theatres.

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