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Striker Movie Review

Striker Movie Review

Striker Movie Review

The Film

Striker is a strikingly well made movie that showcases the final triumph of the indomitable human spirit against all odds.

Striker Movie Review

Striker Movie Review


The film is set in the Malwani slums of Mumbai during the period of 1980s.Surya (Siddharth) is born into a poor family and dies not have much of education. He becomes a carom champion at the age of twelve. As a youth he tries for a job in Dubai and gets duped. A dejected Surya is then attached to his child hood friend Zaid (Ankur Vikal) who does not care much for ethics and social norms. Zaid introduces Surya to Jaleel (Aditya Pancholi). Surya becomes a member of Jaleel’s carom club. But Jaleel is a dreaded gangster of Malwani and he does every illegal business that is conceivable.

Striker Movie Review

Striker Movie Review

Noorie (Nicolette Bird) comes into Surya’s life like a breath of fresh air when her family becomes his neighbours. Surya frequents a local bar run by Madhu (Padmapriya). She is a fisherwoman, who effectively deals with the various sorts of customers that visit her bar. A mature friendship develops between Surya and Madhu. Surya decides to take on Jaleel on his own turf. Then there is Inspector Farooque (Anupam Kher) who is unlike any other cop and he is honest, tough and smart. Posted in Malwani his job is to eliminate criminals one by one.

All hell breaks loose on December 6, 1992 when the Babri Masjid is demolished leading to widespresd communal riots in Mumbai. Through the trauma of frightful existence, Surya discovers himself and cements his friendships.

Striker Movie Review

Striker Movie Review

The Performances

Siddharth gives a strikingly impressive performance. Aditya Pancholi gives a spirited performance as the gang leader. Ankur Vikal essays his role with ease. Padma Priya entices with her rustic actions. Vidya Malvade and Seema Biswas are convincing. Nicollete Bird is charming. Anupam Kher is as usual brilliant as the police officer. All others are more than adequate in their roles.

The Techniques

Producer-director Chandan Arora comes out with another out of the box story and makes a credible film with realistic characters. The dialogues add spice and the screenplay grabs your attention to the narration. Cinematography by P S Vinod is superb adding to the various moods of the story. Music is good and lyrics are apt. Sound design adds to the narration style.

Striker Movie Review

Striker Movie Review

The Verdict

Striker is a thought provoking film that emphasizes the human values and the value of maturity of human mind while struggling against indomitable odds. The film is worth a look.

The Cast and Crew

R. Siddharth,Aditya Pancholi,Anupam Kher,Padmapriya,Nicollete Bird
Ankur Vikal,Seema Biswas, Vidya Malvade and others

Singers:Sonu Nigam,Siddharth,Yuvan Shankar Raja,Swanand Kirkire,Vishal Bhardwaj,Sunidhi Chauhan,Blaaze

Striker Movie Review

Striker Movie Review

Lyricist: Jeetendra Joshi, Prashant Ingole, Nitin Raikwar, Swanand Kirkire, Gulzar, Blaaze

Music Director: Shailendra Barve, Amit Trivedi, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Swanand Kirkire, Vishal Bhardwaj, Blaaze

Background Music: Shri

Cinematography: P S Vinod

Banner: Studio 18, Indian Films

Producer & Director :Chandan Arora

The Rating

3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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