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Stalker Attacked Shruti In her Home

Stalker Attacked Shruti In her Home

Sizzling beauty Shruti Haasan was attacked by a stalker at her apartment on Tuesday morning in Mumbai. It is learnt that the actress was shocked, and pushed the stalker away. This news was revealed by Editor Jitesh Pillai through his twitter page, he tweeted “Shruti haasan had a horrible experience this morning when a stalker landed up at her apartment and attacked her. Thankfully @shrutihaasan’s presence of mind was very keen and she managed to fend him off and jam his hand in the door, The stalker ran away. She is shaken by this incident but coping. It’s really scary how single girls are so vulnerable in this city Lots of love to @shrutihaasan. Stay brave. Yet again highlights the vulnerability and soft targets that single girls are in this city too”. Everyone needs to appreciate this brave lovely lady

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