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Staff told to vote for boss’s daughter in beauty contest

Staff told to vote for boss's daughter in beauty contest

London, Aug 21 (IANS) Employees of a knitwear chain in Britain have been ordered to vote for a candidate for the Miss England contest as she is the company-owner’s daughter.

Kirstie Day, 18, has amassed as many votes from the public as the other 59 girls put together, the Daily Mail reported Saturday.

It was revealed Friday that staff at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s 500 clothing stores have been instructed to vote for Kirstie — because the company is owned by her father Philip.

In a leaked email sent this week, the firm’s commercial director wrote: “I need and expect all stores to register a minimum of ten votes today and I mean everybody!”

Organisers of the beauty contest said Friday night the approach did not break any rules.

But one employee of the mill said: “It’s outrageous that staff in every store across Britain are being leaned on to try to secure the boss’s daughter the title of Miss England.”

The firm’s commercial director Steve Simpson Wednesday sent an email to all 500 stores, saying each one needed to register ten votes in Kirstie’s favour.

After getting a lukewarm response, he warned Thursday: “I am extremely disappointed to report that only 1,300 were actually registered. For stores who have not voted or stores who are able to vote more I need you to register 10 votes minimum today.”

Philip Day arranged for workers in his mill to vote for his daughter Kirstie to be nominated as Miss England contestant.

Apart from her nearest rival, Miss Charity Bolton, Noopur Sharma, who had garnered almost 7,500 votes, none of the other winners of beauty titles from around the country had mustered more than 200 votes.

Winning the public vote for Miss England guarantees the candidate a place on the contest’s 20-strong shortlist.

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