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Ssshhh… It is Rajamouli’s Sets

Ssshhh… It is Rajamouli’s Sets

Rajamouli is known for his perfection in Tollywood. He is also known for his on-the-floor discipline. The latest rule he is pushing on the floor is silence. According to the reports, the Bahubali director is demanding a lot of silence on the sets. He has laid down strict orders to everybody on sets to stay silent, turn off their mobile phones and not even move while shooting.

“Initially, it was very difficult for everyone to adapt to complete silence when we shot the scenes. Since it’s a period action drama, we didn’t want any modern sounds in the background and hence, it was key for us to record the sound live on the location. After the shot is done, we record the sound of each room and each one has its own reverberation”, the film’s sound designer said In an interview.

Baahubali is the prime project of SS Rajamouli, which is being prepared at an expense of about 175 Crore rupuees.

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