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SRK’s Don 2 to have an international version

SRK's Don 2 to have an international version

Farhan Akhtar directed Shah Rukh Khan starrer Don 2 is said to be having two versions – one for the Indian audience and another for the NRIs in the global market. The full-scale international version of the film will have no song-and-dance sequences and the emotional drama would be down-scaled. The international Don 2 will also be available in English dubbed version.

The reason to have an international version is because SRK in Don 2 is plays the role of a European warlord of an international crime syndicate.

In Don, SRK wanted to take over the crime syndicate in India, in Don 2 he wants to capture the entire European market. His character is no longer an Indian crimelord wanted in 11 countries. He is portrayed as a European gangster, replete with all the trappings of an international kingpin.

Don 2 has a mind-boggling budget with Hollywood technicians supervising the stunts and the visual special effects.

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