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SRK as Jawaharlal Nehru in Beresford’s film?

SRK as Jawaharlal Nehru in Beresford's film?

Oscar nominated Hollywood filmmaker Bruce Beresford of Driving Miss Daisy fame has arrived in Mumbai to finalise the cast for his film on Indira Gandhi.

Bruce was the guest at Dr Pradhan’s dinner at his Juhu bungalow and the director’s team made a power-point presentation by using a technology to morph faces of both Hollywood and Bollywood actors into that of the characters from the film.

Surprisingly,Shah Rukh Khan‘s face morphed into that of Jawaharlal Nehru and the buzz is that the Hollywood director has an intention to cast SRK. Even Hollywood actress Charlize Theron was there. It is not yet known who will play as Indira Gandhi.

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