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Srinu Vaitla Defends his Film

Srinu Vaitla Defends his Film

Sreenu Vaitla is facing criticism these days because of his flop film ‘Aagadu’. Some media persons asked him about the film’s bad result then he replied, “If I’m not an able director, why will Mahesh Babu give me this chance to direct Aagadu? Only looking at my track record, hard work and ability, such a big star would allot his dates.”
Giving clarification he further said that he is not a fairytale of gifted to make only ‘blockbuster’ all the time. When some reporters questioned him that he is defending the failure of his film, he answered, “also ‘Aagadu’ is still running at theatres and whatever we speak about the movie would be a negative publicity now.”
He was also asked about the reason behind creating characters like Jayasurya (king), to this he said that he didn’t target any music director in particular including Chakri, with that character.

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