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Srinu Vaitla’s New Success Formula

Srinu Vaitla’s New Success Formula

Fans expectations with the movie ‘Aagadu’ are soaring high. The actor and the producer are making every effort to guarantee the success of the movie once it is released. The teaser released recently was a big hit.
Director Srinu Vaitla, who had been following the same formula since his super hit movie ‘Dhee’ has now changed it. In every movie of his we find several comedy tracks attached to the main track. This became his success formula also. With ‘Aagadu’, the director seems to have changed his formula a bit. He has tried something new in the Mahesh movie. Also the weak script in the second half has been Srinu Vaitla’s Achilles’ heel. He is also believed to have broken it with this movie. Now it’s a suspense how Srinu has changed his taking. We have to wait and watch till ‘Aagadu’ is released in September this year.

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