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Sridevi’s Spoken English

Sridevi's Spoken English

The Veteran beauty Sridevi made buzz in bollywood on signing Gauri Shinde’s project. What would be the movie all about? Sources close to industry say that the film is a comedy flick on English language and the film’s title would be ‘English Vinglish’. They say that this yester year beauty will play Indian middle class housewife next to Big B Amitabh Bachan. The crux of the story is how a not-so-educated housewife grows to be an English expert. This happens when she needs to go USA and so she starts learning English secretly. Apparently the climax is how the lady amazes all with her fluency. The sources also revealed one scene in which an American Consulate guy asks the lady ‘You don’t know English, how will you manage in our country?’. For that she replies, ‘You don’t know Hindi, but seem to be managing, just fine in ours’! Obviously, the USP of the film would be Sridevi’s comic timing. The entire length moves on funny instances that evolve from the attempts in speaking English. The movie shows us many close-to-reality characters, which are hilarious indeed, such as spoken english tutors, consultancies and consulates. We had heard about ‘comedy of errors’. But now this could be ‘comedy of English’..!! or ‘comedy of errors in English” ?!

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