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Sprint Legend Usain Bolt To Enter Hollywood

Sprint Legend Usain Bolt To Enter Hollywood

Jamaican sprint athlete Usain Bolt, who successfully defended his three gold medals at the recent London Olympics 2012, is very likely to enter Hollywood as an action star. Filmmakers are already sending him feelers with attractive offers.

Bolt has already expressed his intention to compete in Brazil Olympics 2016 for the 100m, 200m and 400m relay. Now he has to decide between athletic training, competing in world and other athletic meets or a lucrative action hero career in Hollywood.

Hollywood sources say that Arnold Schwarzenegger was an Austrian bodybuilder with poor English before he became a star. On the other hand, Usain has a far stronger starting point and is already recognised across the world. Moreover, he is a natural showman. He is eloquent, intelligent and funny as well as already being a global star. Producers say that Bolt’s charisma will be the USP for selling his films.

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