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Sports Enthusiast akki shifts to Kabaddi

Sports Enthusiast akki shifts to Kabaddi

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar owns a kabaddi team which is a part of the World Kabaddi League. He asked his fans to extend their support to the game of kabaddi. He also requested them to watch it. The World Kabaddi League will be played across four continents starting from August to December.
The actor posted on Facebook, “”I’m a sports enthusiast, and be it cricket, martial arts, hockey or kabaddi. I have always promoted fitness and sports. Cricket is already world famous but I feel it’s now time to shift focus towards the sports which originated in our own country, Kabaddi”.
The actor said, “So guys it’s my request, tune into the World Kabaddi League starting in August 2014 and give it all your support”

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