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Sontha Vooru Movie Review

Sontha Vooru Movie Review

Sontha Vooru Movie Review

The Film
Sontha Vooru is totally a celluloid metaphor on the contemporary lifestyle of the vast rural India. A village has been taken to artistically represent the man made changes and the different attitudes of the natives.

Sontha Vooru Movie Review

Sontha Vooru Movie Review

The Synopsis
Mechanical engineer-turned-journalist-writer and director Suni Kumar Reddy creates a set of characters as metaphors to show the decline and decay of the rural ambience of a village.

Instead of a graama Devatha, this village is personified as Malli (Teertha) who is a prostitute who is always exploited by others for their own carnal pleasure. There is Bujji (Raja) who loves his village and loves Malli as well.

Devudu Babu (Tanikella Bharani) wants everyone to sell the village lands to an SEZ project for the sake of all round development. There is the Kaati Kaapari Rudrudu (L B Sriram) guarding a burial ground that represents the decaying village itself.

The characters played by Jeeva, Vijaychander, Jayaprakash Reddy are the natives of the village. The MRO (MS Narayana) represents the apathy of the government to the rural area though India predominantly lives in the villages.

As a matter of plot and narrative climax, will the village survive the onslaught of SEZ ?

The Performances

Sontha Vooru Movie Review

Sontha Vooru Movie Review

Teertha is very impressive in an out of the routine character. Raja is convincing. LB Sriram is pretty effective. Tanikella is his usual self. All others are quite adequate.

The Techinques

Sontha Vooru is a director’s film which has been made with a rare vigour and depth. As the story is narrated at two levels, it is rather hazardous to guess how many mainstream audience get hooked to this film. The screenplay is taut and the dialogues have punch. The cinematography by Sabu James is good and so are the other technical departments.

The Verdict
In spite of certain things in the film give the feeling of these could have been better conceived and executed, Sontha Vooru deserves to be seen at least once for its bold theme, metaphoric aesthetics and energetic narration.

Sontha Vooru is a rare celluloid experiment in Tollywood the trend of which ought to be encouraged

The Cast and Crew
Raja, Theertha, L B Sriram, Swathi, Tanikella, M S, Jeeva, Vijaychander, Jayaprakash Reddy and others
Music: Saketh Sairam
Cinematography: Sabu James
Director: P Sunil Kumar Reddy
Producers: Y Ravindra Babu, Kishore Basireddy
Banner: Sravya Productions

The Rating

3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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