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Something Something Movie Review

Something Something Movie Review


Story opens siddharth named as Karthik who working as IT employee in a company. Karthik is a timorous and hardworking guy and he maintain distance from girls due to his painful experiences in love. Everything changes when Hansika Motwani named as Sanjana comes into Kumar’s life. She joins his office as a new employee and Kumar instantly falls for her. He starts coming up with plans to win her heart on this process he takes help of Brahmi named as Premji (love guru). But that is when the story takes a twist. Premji’s past catches up with him and all hell breaks loose. What is twist? Did karthik win sanjana heart? Rest of the story on screens

Plus Points
Brahmi and Siddharath comedy
First’s half bit fine
Hansika performance

Minus Points
Many predictable scenes
Second half dragged

This time the total credits got Brahmi. His out and out comedy dominates other artists’ performances. The story is very simple and 1st half is good then seconds half. Zero chemistry between leads. But one thing is sure there will be entertaining comedy episodes between Brahmi-Sidd and for sure you will laugh every time Brahmi is on onscreen. But climax is well sketched out. Overall Sunder did a neat job by presenting a known story in a hilarious manner.

Technical Aspects:

Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography is ok. Editing is ok. Sathya C’s music is a big liability for the film. Background score is not very effective. Veligonda Srinivas’s dialogues are amusing.


Something Something can be viewed once!

The Rating

2.75 out of 5

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