something new and something fresh for us – Amitabh Bachchan

On eventful periods

Well this is a question I am often asked as the starting point of an interview…and I have always responded by saying that something or the other keeps happening in my life … so to look at it as being eventful or uneventful is really now a clichéd statement. But… I would love to know what you think is eventful and what is not, so that I can respond to that.

On Sarkar Raj

Umm… Well the fact that there are three members of the family working together. It is always a joy… being with Abhishek and Aishwarya in the same frame and being with… who we are all very comfortable with. For Aishwarya, it was the first time working with Ram Gopal Varma but Abhishek and I have worked in many of his projects and I find RGV to be a very intelligent maker… somebody that has always been able to provoke an artiste through his technology to the subjects and the scenes that he writes and the way he shoots them into giving some of their best performances.
By best performance I don’t mean that I would like to rate A against B, C or D. but I think he can make or provide you with an environment just by his technology or by the moment he is going to create in that film for you to be excited enough to do something different or to look at it in a different manner and that I think is challenging for every one of us. And particularly so for me and Abhishek , because we have worked together in two of his projects. But each time he has something new and something fresh for us. So as an actor…yes I enjoy being with him. I enjoy being on his sets. I love the way he structures his story and how he wants to project it across in the final moments.

On the role of Sarkar

No, not necessarily. I am not a brooder by habit. But the character demanded that and the situations demanded that. And in many respects this is not a sequel to Sarkar. It is the same story of the same family and some of the circumstances that happened in this family … but it’s just another day so to say or several days. But it’s not like this is where it ended and this is now where it’s going to start. No.

It’s a reconstruction of some more events that happened in this very powerful family.
It’s not got anything to do with Bal Saheb Thackeray or his family at all.

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