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Social Media and Film promotions

Social Media and Film promotions

Social media has become a blessing in disguise for movie promotions. It is cheap and at the same time a costly affair too.

Take the two big releases of Tollywood in the recent past. NTR’s Shakti and Pawan Kalyan’s Teen Maar. Like ball-by-ball commentary on cricket, even movie reviews are updated as it happens thanks to social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Not just professionals who review but common people are writing about the movie instantly on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

NTR’s Shakti got all negative publicity on Day 1 and Pawan Kalyan’s Teen Maar was declared a hit within few minutes of end of morning show.

The makers of Shakti boycotted Telugu news channel NTV for airing negative opinion on the movie. Ileana in an interview to Times of India bluntly criticized Shakti adding insult to injury.

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