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Sneha unhappy, to quit films

Sneha unhappy, to quit films

Sneha unhappy, to quit films

The smiling beauty Sneha is now contemplating quitting films. Sneha is undoubtedly one of the most talented actresses down south and she also has the good looks to match. The sad thing however is that despite hr looks and talent, Sneha has not achieved even half the success of her co-stars.

Even Sneha’s fans cannot digest the fact that she is not getting her due even after giving hr best in film after film. Sneha even attempted an image makeover and appeared in trendy costumes and even did some skin show. Even then she failed to make it big.

Sbeha is now acting in an action filed titled ‘Bhavani IPS’. She is playing a cop in the film. Sneha will try her luck for one more year and it things don’t improve, she will call it quits.

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