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Sneha Troubled by a Stalker

Sneha Troubled by a Stalker

Sneha Ullal got death threats from a stalker. She is the next victim of stalking after Shruti Haasan. Sneha has been stalked by a troublemaker. He is following her and also calling her by different numbers from about three months. Sneha’s horrible experience in her own words, “It all started a month before Ganesh festival where I’ve been getting calls from an individual who claimed to be my fan. Although I blocked him, he’s calling from various numbers. I clarified him that I’m not Sneha but didn’t deter him. Suddenly, on a day, he turned up at my home. I was shocked. Only few friends and close relatives knew my address. He didn’t stop there. He started threatening me with dire consequences and even hurting my family.”

Sneha registered a complaint against him in the local police station and also informed her mentor Mr. Salman Khan. In the meantime that annoying person again came to Sneha’s home while she was not there on Saturday. He forced into the house evading the security. He fought with guards when they tried to stop him. Crowds gathered and beat him up. He then started shouting that Sneha has invited him to her house and both of them are married but now Sneha is angry with him.
The stalker was arrested by Mumbai police. Sneha is very disturbed with the incident and she needs time to overcome all the drama.

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