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Sneha Geetham Movie Review

Sneha Geetham Movie Review

The Film

Sneha Geetham is a an energetic youthful story that underlines the necessity of balancing personal ambitions, relationships, aims and parental aspirations.

The Synopsis

The film narrates the lives of three engineering college-mates Ravi (Venky), Krishna (Chaitanya), Arjun (Sandeep) and their respective female friends Shailu (Shreya), Pooja (Rhea) and Maha (Suhani). Each boy has a personal agenda to achieve in life and strongly bonded with their female partners. They have their share of joys and sorrows. The story climbs to the climax with each of the friends bravely facing the challenges of life and achieving their goals.

Sneha Geetham Movie Review

The Performances

Venky, Chaitanya and Sandeep have acquited themselves well, particularly so, as they have been supported by author backed roles. Shreya, Rhea and Suhani have done well in spite of being part of a completely male dominated story. The comedy troupe have succeeded in giving the necessary relief. All others do well in their given supporting characters.

The Techniques

The director has taken a good theme and moulded it into an niteresting film that engrosses the audience. The dialogues and lyrics are meaningful. The screenplay could have been made more water-tight to give the narration the rightful grip. Still, the proceedings of the film and its presentation are good enough to keep the attention of the audience.

Sneha Geetham Movie Review

With a good storyline and an underlying message, music took a back seat but in support of the narration.Cinematography and editing are good.

The Verdict

Sneha Geetham will bond with the college going youth, but even parents should see this film to remove their mind blocks about bringing up children or guiding them. The film has the potential to be a winner.

Sneha Geetham Movie Review

The Cast and Crew

Cast: Venky, Shreya , Sandeep, Suhani, Chaitanya, Rhea, Lohit Kumar, Vennela Kishore, Melkote, Shruthi, Krishnudu, ARC Babu, Ashok Reddy and others

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Lyrics: SiraSri, Chinni Charan

Cinematography: PG Vinda

Producer: Lagadapati Sirisha Sridhar

Banner: Larsco Entertainment

Story, Director: ‘Madhura’ Sreedhar

The Verdict

3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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