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SMS jokes on Rakeysh Mehra’s film Delhi 6

Rakeysh Mehra won accolades with his film Rang De Basanti. But his film Delhi 6 released last week has been a big disappointment. Many cinegoers and film buffs miffed by the film started a series of SMS Jokes that are now making the rounds.
Some samples are given hereunder:
• A far better title would have been ‘Silly Six’
• Six has gone for a Sixer
• We thought that he was the ‘Rang De’ man and he turned out to be the ‘Aks’ man!
• A documentary on the city of Delhi can be shot in 3 days for 35000 rupees. Wonder why it took Mr. Mehra 3 years and 35 crore rupees?
• BREAKING NEWS. Rakeysh Mehra is now saying that you first have to see Delhi 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 to understand the point of 6, which he is promising to make now since 6 tanked. He can then re-release 6 after those!
• Forget ‘monkey man’, there is no audience man!

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