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Singh is Kinng sequences reshot

Singh is Kinng sequences reshotTo avoid any opposition or objections from the Sikh community, the makers of Akshay Kumar starrer Singh is Kinng have re-shot about five sequences of the film.
Singh is Kinng slated for an August release is a commercial entertainer. It is a positive film on the Sikh community. Anees Bazmi, the director says that he has also taken efforts to ensure that he does not hurt anybody’s sentiments..

He further said that he had shown the rushes of the film to different Sikh bodies for any possible lapses. The Sikh group who saw the film suggested some changes in the appearance of Akshay as a Sikh and few dialogues and they had been carried out.
Bazmi said the sequences, which were re-shot, included close-ups of Akshay Kumar who appears in the film as a Sikh and a few dialogues. He said the Sikh group was present when the sequences were being re-shot and they were very happy with the end result.

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